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Aldebaran 3 - The Creature

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Aldebaran 3 - The Creature
Aldebaran 3 - The Creature Aldebaran 3 - The Creature
Aldebaran 3 - The Creature
ISBN: 9781905460939
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Authors: LEO
Age: 15 years and up
Size: 18.4 x 25.7 cm
Number of pages: 96 colour pages
Publication: June 2009

The Creature: Mark and Kim, who have lost the rest of the group, are left with the wounded Ling-Li. Luckily, Alexa quickly meets up with them, and they’re on their way to the sea again. But when the Governor and Father Loomis catch up with them, they take them straight to the mantris.

The Betelgeuse Planet: The second cycle takes the theme of the colonisation of space further than most sci-fi comics by looking at its ecological aspect.
Leilah Nakad studies the Lums, cute animals living on the planet Betelgeuse. Seven years earlier, she led a 3000-strong group who were to settle on Betelgeuse. But the spaceship is still flying around, lost in space. Driss and Alexa investigate.

This two-volume book includes “The Betelgeuse Planet.”

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