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18 - The last Round

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18 - The last Round
18 - The last Round 18 - The last Round
18 - The last Round
ISBN: 9781849181518
Price: 6.99 inc. VAT

Authors: Vance & Van Hamme
Age: 15 years and up
Size: 18.4 x 25.7 cm
Number of pages: 48 colour pages
Publication: March 2013

XIII and his friends have failed to recover Maximilian’s gold and are tired of hiding, running and struggling. When two books come out in the USA relating all the events of the amnesiac’s life and the details of the Conspiracy of the XX, they see it as a possible chance to come out in the open and trust in their country’s justice. But they still have enemies, at home and abroad, and everyone is set on a collision course...

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