Darwin's Diaries 01 - The Eye of the Celts 3.0 stars, based on 13 reviews
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Darwin's Diaries 01 - The Eye of the Celts

ISBN: 9781849180955
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Authors: Runberg & Ocaña
Age: 15 years and up
Size: 18.4 x 25.7 cm
Number of pages: 56 colour pages
Publication: September 2011

Victorian England. In Yorkshire, several men and horses working on a railway line have been killed—slaughtered, really. The police suspect some kind of wild beast. The government calls upon controversial naturalist Charles Darwin to help with the investigation. A reasonable move, but one that is dictated rather by the least known part of his work: research on what other people would qualify as legendary creatures. It won’t be long before the scientist discovers that he may be right about them after all…


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What if Charles Darwin had suppressed one particularly controversial chapter in his already highly sensitive book Origin of Species? What if his Theory of Evolution had also embraced investigating stories of “wild men, demon beasts, clawed ones”? In this 56-page ripping yarn of alternative Victorian history, we learn that Darwin spent several months studying “almases, sasquatches, werewolves”, although “they all remained elusive during my research”. So Prime Minister Palmerston recruits the scientist to identify whatever animal has somehow evolved which is now ripping to death some Yorkshire railroad labourers. In the name of capitalist progress, Darwin becomes a discreet government agent brought in to reassure the fearful. striking workforce so they go back to work. But what is this weird lethal creature, striking swiftly, always out of sight? Has some terrible new predator evolved that now stalks the English countryside? With occasionally visceral horror contents, this is a powerful, hugely entertaining period-piece, evocatively illustrated, smartly scripted and grippingly paced. It will leave you panting for the next episode. Get on board the sharpest new series this year from Cinebook.

In PG Previews on his Blog (August 2011)

by Paul Gravett
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