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July 2023 - The European Conservative tries Blake & Mortimer on for size, and Felix James Miller is a fan, of both Edgar P. Jacobs's original run and the continuation by other authors. Read the article here.

May 2023 - The European Conservative reads some Lucky Luke and explains why it's so good, and how it managed to survive for so long, even beyond the death of its authors. Read the article here.

March 2023 - The European Conservative takes a detailed look at Spirou & Fantasio and how it can give us back a bit of the magic of childhood at a time when we desperately need some. Read the article here. 

December 2022 - The Excelsior Award. The UK-wide, rated-by-schoolchildren award for graphic novels and manga has published its 2023 shortlists, and they feature one Cinebook title in the 'Blue' (11+ years) category: AKKAD! Check out the shortlists here. 

February 2021 - Lucky Luke in the New York Times. NYT journalist Norimitsu Onishi takes a close look at "A Cowboy in High Cotton" and focuses on the much-needed updating of the depiction and roles of African-American characters. Read the article here.

June 2020 - Comicon website. Long-time reviewer and Euro-comic fan Richard Bruton returns to form with a spate of reviews on the Comicon website. Find the reviews here.

April 2019 - Interview with our translators. Simon Chadwick, of The Cartoonists' Club of Great Britain, interviewed translator Jerome Saincantin and translator/editor Erica Olson Jeffrey for issue 529 of Jester. Read the interview here.

January 2018 - The Excelsior Award. The Stan Lee Excelsior Award is the only nationwide book award for graphic novels and manga - where kids aged 11-16 decide the winner by rating each book as they read it! Once more, two Cinebook titles have been selected for 2018... Read more - Junior Award

October 2017 - Pierre Christin and Jean-Claude Mézières in conversation with Paul Gravett. The extensive and otherworldly work of Jean-Claude Mézières and Pierre Christin is one of the most influential in the whole sci-fi world as we know it. [...] In the podcast below they shared with Paul Gravett what makes their collaboration unique... Watch Part 1 - Watch Part 2

17 July 2017 - The Awesome Comics Podcast. Over the past few months there has been more than a few European graphic novels that have appeared in the recommendation part of the Awesome Pod. Theres a reason for this - they are amazing. With that in mind, the gang decided to get together to talk about the epic world of undiscovered gems from Europe and are joined by longtime Cinebook translator Jerome Saincantin... Listen Here

8 July 2017 - The Atlantic. Gabrielle Bellot wrote an excellent piece on Laureline, under-appreciated feminist icon. "The French comic series Valérian and Laureline, newly adapted into a summer blockbuster, gave the genre one of its first protagonists to powerfully own her womanhood..." Read More

2017, March to July - Valerian. Various media and news outlets did articles on Valerian & Laureline to prepare audiences for the Luc Besson adaptation, Valerian and the City of a Thousand Planets. Overviews of the universe, influence of the series, presentation of the authors... Here is a selection of them: Overview at Mic - Rundown from Deseret News - An in-depth look in the Barnes & Nobles blog - A quick video presentation at IMDB

January 2015 - The Stan Lee Excelsior Award. The Stan Lee Excelsior Award is the only nationwide book award for graphic novels and manga - where kids aged 11-16 decide the winner by rating each book as they read it! In 2015, two Cinebook titles have been selected... Read More

27 Novembre 2014 - Panel borders: Vehlmann and Gazzotti. An episode of Panel Borders: Alex Fitch talks to Fabien Vehlmann and Bruno Gazzotti about their collaboration on the graphic album series Alone (Seuls). Recorded at the Institut Francais, London... Listen Here

24 December 2013 - Comic Book Resources - An all too quiet success. One of the quietest success stories in recent years is Cinebook. You don't see much coverage for them in the big comic web magazine type sites, but they've been quickly building up an impressive catalog of titles translated from the original French... Read More

20 August 13 - Women Write About Comics - WWACRadio - WWACRadio is back. And Talking English to a Frenchman who reads comics in French - from France, Belgium and Canada, for a start - and turns them into English... [...] If you've ever been curious about what a translator does, or how much power they have to affect a narrative... Read More

20 August 13 - The School Librarian - Spring 2013 issue (Vol 61, No1) - Chris Brown, review editor for the "The School Librarian" (the journal of the UK School Library Association) reviewed a few of our books: Iznogoud 9, Lucky Luke 37,Berlin, SPOOKS 1... Read More

09 May 13 - Boing Boing - Gweek 095 : Ruben Bolling and Nate DiMeo - In this episode of Gweek, I talked to Ruben Bolling and Nate DiMeo. Here's what we talked about: Cinebook, a line of European comic books, including Lucky Luke, Yakari, Blue Coats... Read More

05 February 13 - Geek Syndicate - Quarterly Digital Magazine 5 : Interview with the Cinebook Team - Here at Geek Syndicate, we are big fans of the company’s output - particularly as they always have the best convention deals of any publisher going. But who exactly are Cinebook? [...] Given the opportunity, we couldn’t help but catch up with some key members of the team to find out what makes them tick... Read More

14 July 11 - Freethinking - Graphic Novels / Publishing : Cinebook the 9th Art - About now you might be wondering why I'm suddenly writing about this publisher, though the above sub-heading provides a pretty big hint. I'm a regular reader of SFX's spinoff magazine about comics called (and how's this for imagination) Comic Heroes. In the latest issue they reviewed some of Cinebook's latest releases, giving a 5* rating and rave review to the latest volume of Orbital.... Read More

18 June 11 - Down The Tubes - XIII Questions About Cinebook's XIII - One of the series that falls into this second category is the spy/mystery series XIII from writer Jean Van Hamme and illustrator William Vance which had only previously had the first three of its nineteen albums translated by both CatCom and Marvel in the US. downthetubes' Jeremy Briggs talked to Cinebook publisher Olivier Cadic and XIII translator Jerome Saincantin about the series.... Read More

21 March 11 - Paul Gravett (featured in Comic Heroes) - Jean Van Hamme: XIII - This year, two Belgian comics are heading for major Hollywood adaptations. The boy reporter Tintin and those little identical blue gnomes The Smurfs are both coming to computer-animated life in a cinema near you. But there is a lot more to comics in Belgium than these long-established... Read More

28 May 10 - Wall Street Journal - Comic Strip to Film Clip - European graphic novels are the inspiration for an increasing number of big-screen adaptations... Read More

17 May 10 - Down The Tubes - Cinebook announces titles for late 2010 - Cinebook, the Canterbury based publisher of translated Franco-Belgian graphic novels, have released their catalogue for the second half of 2010... Read More

14 May 10 – Geek Syndicate - Interview Jean Van Hamme - I met up with Jean Van Hamme and was immeadiately impressed by the vitality of this 71 year old writer... Read More

14 May 10 - Geek Syndicate - Largo Winch, a movie review - Here’s a comic to movie adaptation that most people won’t know about.  Most people in America and England that is. It’s based on the comic Largo Winch written by Jean Van Hamme and drawn by Phillipe Francq... Read More

10 May 10 - Down The Tubes - Comic inspired movie Largo Winch comes to London - Largo Winch, a co-production between France and Belgium, is in English with selected French and Croatian subtitles and captures the flavour of the graphic novel pretty effortlessly... Read More

09 May 10 - Chic London - Jean Van Hamme, the Great Master of Graphic Novels - As the author of cult series Thorgal, XIII and Largo Winch, which have sold more than 33 million copies worldwide and been translated in 25 languages... Read More

06 November 09 - The Bookseller - Euro-vision: the graphic novel market - The UK graphic novel market has come on by leaps and bounds in recent years, with 2009 another year of growth in sales terms... Read More

01 October 09 - Downthetubes - Cinebook hits 100 - British publishers of some top class European graphic albums Cinebook have just been celebrating the publication of their 100th book... Read More

23 September 09 - Comics Bulletin - Sylvain Runberg: The Star that Defines Orbital - Writer Sylvain Runberg, a busy author who divides his time between his native France and Sweden... Read More

01 August 09 - Down The Tubes - Cinebook announces cult classic XIII - Over the last 25 years, the dark, engrossing graphic novel series XIII has attracted a cult following in French-speaking countries and beyond... Read More

25 June 09 - Comic Bits Online - The Olivier Cadic Interview 2009 - In 2005, Olivier Cadic set up Cinebook The 9th Art and published 8 comic albums in that first year... Read More

22 June 09 - Coventry Telegraph - Jessica Alba and Robert Rodriguez buy film rights to The Insiders - Jessica Alba is no stranger to comic book adaptations, having played Susan Storm aka Invisible Woman in the Fantastic Four films and exotic dancer Nancy Callahan in Sin City... Read More

18 June 09 - ICV2 - Jessica Alba Options 'The Insiders' - Various French language Websites are reporting that actress Jessica Alba has acquired screen rights to The Insiders... Read More

12 June 09 - Comic Geek Speak - Episode 7: Cinebook with Erica Jeffrey. (podcast) - Erica Jeffrey does marketing, editing, and translation for Cinebook, one of the premiere publishers of bede for English-speaking countries. She gives us the scoop on how they approach this business... Listen More

19 May 09 - Comic Bits Online - Why is the Uk's biggest comic publisher not in the eagles? - I keep asking people “Who do you think is the biggest publisher of comics in the UK?”... Read More

08 May 09 - Wall Street Journal - Meanwhile in Brussels, our hero fights a comic-book crisis - Jean Van Hamme is a giant of Belgium's comic-book world even though he can't draw... Read More

24 February 09 - Comic Book Resources - Franco-Belgian comics: ahead of their time? -  At the turn of the millennium, a few publishers were giving Franco-Belgian comics (or bandes desinees, "BD") a serious try... Read More

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