Spirou & Fantasio 02 - Spirou in New York 3.0 stars, based on 9 reviews
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Spirou & Fantasio 02 - Spirou in New York

ISBN: 9781849180542
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Product Information

Authors: Tome & Janry
Age: 8 years and up
Size: 21.7 x 28.7 cm
Number of pages: 48 colour pages
Publication: October 2010

Spirou and Fantasio have won a million dollars and a trip to New York City. How lucky! Well, maybe not that lucky, since it’s all a plot by Don Cortizone to change his own fortune in his struggle against “The Mandarin”—by enlisting the help of truly lucky people. Before long, the two reporters find themselves in the middle of a shooting war between Italian Mafia and Chinese Triad–and they’ll have to make their own luck.


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Spirou & Fantasio in New York (vol.2)
Tome and Janry

Intrepid reporters Spirou and Fantasio are down on their luck until they discover a key in their frozen pizza offering them a prize of a million dollars. Unfortunately it’s just a scheme by crime boss Don Cortizone who’s looking for someone lucky enough to break the curse placed on his organization. So soon they, along with their pet squirrel Spip, have jetted to New York where they find themselves caught between the Mafia and the Chinese Triad.

The comic adventures of Spirou and Fantasio frequently favor comedy over adventure, but from the very start Spirou and Fantasio in New York is a flat out spoof (the villain Don Cortizone is based on Vito Corleone from The Godfather). But unfortunately the comedy is mostly slapdash slapstick and the story traffics in grotesque ethnic stereotypes, like when poor Spip ends ups in a Chinese kitchen and almost gets boiled in ‘dog oil.’ Thankfully they’re so cliched and dated (even when this volume was originally published in 1987) that they come off as being more silly than offensive.

It doesn’t help matters that most Americans will find the two interconnected notions upon which the plot hangs offensive; that the American dream is all about money and success here is based mostly on luck. Creators Tome and Janry are clearly capable of producing a solid Spirou and Fantasio adventure, as seen in the first volume of the series Adventure Down Under, but you sure Wouldn’t know it from the leaden misfire they’ve dealt us here.

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